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Home Inspection Pricing

JW Inspection Services of MI bases our pricing on the total finished sq. ft. of all finished levels of a home.

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The only way our pricing would change at the time of the inspection would be if the information given to us when scheduling is different than what we find at the time of the home inspection.

JW Inspection Services of MI does not charge additional fees for homes in the Grand Rapids and immediate surrounding areas.


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All payments are expected to be made at the time of the Home Inspection.  If payment can not made, then all fees are required to be made within 10 days.

If the home purchase does not go through for some reason, but the inspection has already been done, the buyer is still completely responsible to make the full inspection payment.

J.W. Inspection Services of MI reserves the right to change any prices at any time.

**Homes outside of area subject to additional fee.

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Standard Home Inspections

 Standard Home Inspection Pricing

Home Inspection 0 - 1,000 sq. ft. $295.00
Home Inspection 1001 - 1500 $310.00
Home Inspection 1501 - 2000 $325.00
Home Inspection 2001 – 2500 $360.00
Home Inspection 2501 – 3000 $385.00
Home Inspection 3001 – 3500 $435.00
Home Inspection 3501 – 4001 $495.00
Home Inspection 4001 – 4500 $550.00
Home Inspection 4501 – 5000 $600.00
Home Inspection 5001 – 5500 $625.00
Home Inspection 5501 – 6000 $650.00
Home Inspection 6001 – 6500 $675.00
Home Inspection 6501 – 7000 $700.00
Additional Furnace $  25.00
Standard Outbuilding $  50.00
Re Inspection Fee $100.00
Crawl Spaces $  75.00
Multi Unit Home Inspections
Termite Inspections
48 Hour Radon Testing
Mold Testing
Well & Spetic
Window Inspection Issue
Improper ventilation in attic