Air Quality and Mold Inspections

Air Quality and Mold Testing by Home Inspection Professionals

Mold spores are all around us and we breathe them in on a daily basis. But highly concentrated mold in our home could bring on health problems or enhance them. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that we spend most of our lives indoors, especially now after the pandemic with so many of us working at home. Air quality testing tests the air for mold spores and allergens in the air. 


Along with doing a home inspection, we can test the air quality of a home right at the inspection! A sample is taken from the outside (the control) and at least one inside the home during the inspection and then sent to the lab. Additional testing locations throughout the home can be done as well.

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We Test for the Following:

  • Fungal Spore Identification
  • Total Pollen
  • Total Fiberglass Fibers
  • Total Other Fibers
  • Total Plant Particles
  • Total Skin Cells
  • Total Hairs
  • Total Insect Particles
  • Mineral Levels
  • Soot/ash and Other Opaque Debris Levels

There are additional air pollutants that can be tested for such as dust mites, spiders, cigarette ash, cat and dog hair, etc. Just ask!

Do You See Mold?

Do you see mold and are curious about what kind of mold it is? We can perform swab testing. The surface testing process swabs samples from areas and are sent to a lab for testing.


Some of the reasons for having swab testing performed in your home are:

  • Signs Of Mold Such As A Mold Smell Or Mold Symptoms
  • To Identify Sources Of Mold So They Can Be Addressed Properly
  • Reach Into Deep Corners Such as Carpets, Window Sills, and Heating and Cooling Systems
  • To Test if Mold in Your Home Has Been Fully Removed

How Can You Trust the Results?

The lab we use has been in business since 1999 and is accredited by both AIHA-LAP, LLC and NVLAP. The report that you will receive will include types of molds detected and in what quantity. 


We use Breeze environmental equipment that has features allowing for the best accuracy of any mold tester so you can ensure you’re receiving trustworthy results!

Experience You Can Trust...

The JW Inspections team has inspected over 40,000 homes and commercial properties across Michigan!

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