Chimney Inspections

Is the Chimney on Your New House a Fire Hazard?

During a home inspection, one of the items we look at is the chimney. Our chimney inspection visually examines the parts we can from the roof and interior of the home. The part we can’t look at, up inside a chimney, is where a chimney inspection or scan comes in.


We perform chimney scans right at the inspection so you know the outcome right along with your home inspection.


A picture can say a thousand words, but the right picture taken in the right place can be worth thousands of dollars. - Chim-Scan


What Does a Chimney Inspection Include?

A chimney inspection checks the condition of the interior of the chimney and flue liners for cracks or potential flaws such as soot and debris — even checks for animals! This will tell you the operational readiness of the chimney.

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Chimney Inspections are safe for all chimneys, cost effective, and backed by JW Home Inspections' commitment to excellence.

Why Should You Have a Chimney Inspection?

The National Fire Protection Association recommends that you have your chimney, fireplace, and vents inspected at least once every year. So even if you’re purchasing a home now, remember that inspecting the chimney every year should be part of home maintenance.


Sometimes chimneys are so full of creosote, a.k.a. soot, that we can’t properly check the condition. We do offer chimney cleanings as well. Just contact the office and we can help schedule that, too!

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