Chimney Cleaning

Why Do I Need the Chimney Cleaned?

As your fireplace is being used, creosote rises and then builds up in your chimney. Creosote build up increases your chances of having a chimney fire or dangerous blockage that can make you sick... or worse.


Having your chimney cleaned once a year should be on your list of yearly home maintenance even if that fireplace isn’t being used regularly.

chimney cleaning

Chimney Cleaning is Vital for Home Safety

A cleaning (also known as sweeping) will help you identify and eliminate fire hazards, uncover potential structural damage, and possibly find and remove disease-carrying animals.


Whether you are buying a new home or have lived in your current one for many years, right now is the time for a chimney inspection.  Your safety depends on it!

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Dangerous blockages or Creosote buildup can make you sick or cause chimney fires.

Why Should I Use JW Inspection Services of Michigan?

JW Inspection Services of Michigan is a local leader in home inspections and other critical, related services.

Simply put, we know homes. More importantly, we know safety.

Chimney cleaning is not something the average person thinks about very often, if ever, so there is a good chance that your chimney hasn’t been cleaned in a long time.  

Using state of the art equipment, we are able to clean chimneys and then run a chimney scan up the liner to check out the condition of the chimney to determine that everything is safe for your next fire! Our cameras allow you to see the parts you can’t see from a general standpoint and help you determine next steps in your purchasing process. For more information on chimney liner scans, click here.

Experience You Can Trust...

The JW Inspections team has inspected over 40,000 homes and commercial properties across Michigan!

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