Well and Septic Inspections

Buying or Selling a Property With a Well or Septic System?

If you are buying a home with a well, septic system, or both, a thorough inspection of these systems is a key component of a good inspection. These inspections are best completed simultaneously with the home inspection.

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What Happens During a Septic Inspection?

A septic system should be inspected to verify that all waste drains properly in the home feeding into the septic system. The proper location of the septic system should be verified to ensure that the well water is not being contaminated, and that the system is properly located away from the house and property lines. In addition, an inspection includes the integrity of the septic tank, its lid and baffle, and proper design of a sewage lift station where applicable. Proper design of the baffle, proper grade on inlet and outlet piping in the tank are all additional items that are looked at.

Do You Know if the Well Water is Safe for Drinking?

There are many benefits of having a well at home. No more bills. Refreshing water that tastes great. However, there may be some things that filter into your water that you will want to be aware of. JWISM performs a visual inspection of the wellhead, well cap, pump, and pressure tank. The inspector will also evaluate other components of the system, including the well casing, electrical wiring, jet pump, capacitor and gauges. In addition, we send a water sample in for basic testing. Any other concerns for contaminants, can be tested for as well. 

In counties where there is a point-of-sale mandate, the health department will provide a list of certified and approved well and septic inspectors, but it’s important to use an experienced, trusted professional, so do your research and ask around for referrals.

Well and Septic Inspection
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When Can You See Results of the Well and/or Septic Inspection?

Our inspectors provide a thorough inspection of all accessible components of the septic system. Inspection report is delivered the same day with water results arriving a few days later. It is important to note that we perform unbiased inspections for sellers and buyers. We don’t gain anything from a system failing so you know you can trust us to provide an honest inspection reporting our findings.

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