Crawl Space Inspections

Not All Homes Have a Crawl Space...

As you know, not all homes have a crawl space. Some have “Michigan basements”, full basements, walk-outs… that’s why a crawl space inspection is an add-in option during an inspection.

Inspectors will suit up and fit through some really tough spots, and run into some creepy, crawly things in order to check out a crawl space. More times than not, an inspector will literally have to crawl into a crawlspace in order to see those important and overlooked areas of a home.

Pipe Running in Dirt Crawl Space Under House

What Do We Look for During a Crawl Space Inspection?

  • Humidity causing wood rot and mold growth causing air quality and structural issues
  • Uneven floors that are typically the cause of failing foundation systems
  • Sagging crawl space caused by supports that are sinking or failing beams
  • Plumbing that runs under the home
  • Checking for live animals, nests, or any signs of living creatures
  • Odors

Inspectors could encounter a number of dangerous conditions in crawl spaces, so adding a crawl space inspection to your future home is something you wouldn’t want to dismiss!

Experience You Can Trust...

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